Vehicle entry / exit accounting, management system

The Acoris Parking system is designed to control the entry of vehicles into the area, to record when, which car has departed and parked, if parking is paid – to control the payment term. The system is based on remote card recognition of vehicles (short scan distance (1-5 cm) or long scan distance (3-20 m)).

Acoris Parking Prepayment allows you to sell parking plans to your customers at scheduled times (days, hours). For this, customers can buy several types of plans:

  1. Maximum (parking at any time)
  2. During business hours (weekdays, eg 7:00 am to 6:00 pm)
  3. During days-off (at night, on holidays, week-ends)
  4. Individual (within minutes accuracy throughout the week).

Upon entrance, the card and purchased plan are validated. If applicable, raise the barrier.

Equipment for long-range scanning (3-20 m)

UHF RFID tags issued to customers can be manufactured in a variety of shapes: stickers, screw-on, screw-in a cavity. Company logos and line numbers can be printed on RFID tags to help visually identify the tags.

The RFID tag readers used to control the passage barrier are e-devices that transmit information about a car approaching to the controlling computer (depending on the program, form a barrier lift command and keep track of events).


Equipment with short scanning distance (1-5 cm)

For customers are issued HF RFID cards. NFC watches and phones, branded key fobs or cards currently in use can also be used. They can also be used to control access to premises.

When you approach the barrier, the card is held against the scanner, which checks that the card and plan are valid, the respective discriptions appear on the display.

Both variants have fraud protection (prevents the entry of a new car if the previous one has not left („antipass back“). The system supports payment features.

Benefits of entry / exit accounting, management and payment systems:

  • Advance payments (no debt and no conflicts)
  • Automatic subscriber validity control (no guard required);
  • Guaranteed parking space for those who have purchased the parking option
  • Accounting for who, when entered and exited

Compared to the analogous solution to use video cameras for identification and administration of vehicle state registration numbers, RFID cards and tags are more reliable (resistant of dirt, snow or other optical contamination) and are a much cheaper solution.

We hope that modern technology and the expertise of our specialists will help to introduce more transparent management of the transportation unit, enable the company to increase operational efficiency and achieve better business results.