Tools Accounting System

The system is designed to register tools taken by employees with the ability to be assigned to the object to be used.

The accounting system consists of identifiers of employees and tools, their scanners, accounting software:

  1. Employee Email cards, pendants. Cards can be personalized or not, and can be used for access control on objects, automatic tab registration, urban transport or other purposes. For use with NFC phones, the cards’ internal chip must be NTAG compliant

2. Tool identifiers (e-stickers, key fobs, screw-on tags, screw in wood, etc.). For use with NFC phones, the cards’ internal chip must be NTAG compliant.

3. Accounting system

The central computer registers employee cards and their contact data, as well as tools: code at the company, name, description, photography, etc. and those responsible for approving the transfer of tools.

The project manager, storekeeper, or other person in charge has an NFC tag reader – an NFC phone or tag scanner connected to the computer with software installed to capture tool transfer. There are many such scanners, all of which communicate online with a central computer database.

Scanner for computer

Mobile scanners for outdoor conditions

NFC mobile phone

After registering all employees, tools and responsible persons on the central computer (server), the system becomes ready for work. The phone scans the employee’s card and sends it to the server, which checks the card’s validity, in the positive case sends the employee’s name and surname. The NFC tag of the tool is retrieved and sent back to the server, which checks the situation of the tool and generates a message on the phone (tool name, photo). If needed, the tool can be assigned to an project or object (then a list of objects is downloaded from the server along with the tool name).

Benefits of Accounting System:

  1. You can see where the tool is, whether it’s free, who’s using it (on computer or mobile);
  2. Reports on the efficiency, frequency, etc. of the use of tools.
  3. Employee cards can be used to automatically fill in the spreadsheet, register for arrival at the facility, and for work aceptance.

Indicative prices:

  1. The cost of cards, tags depends on the material, digital and visual information, working temperature, tool material, working distance, quantity and varies from 1 € to 5 €.
  2. Scanner for PC price 90 Eur, suitable for existing NFC phone (most current smartphones have this feature).
  3. Software for NFC mobile phone: 800 – 2000 Euro depending on the number of workplaces, staff and tools, functionality of the program.