Specialized software to process and control processes. Depending on the tasks, it is at different levels and may be on the cloud, on a corporate server, or even on the same computer with a scanner:

  • Level 1 – Capture and display the current location of a specific person or object (e.g. Citizen XY arrives at work, keychain informs (“key from meeting room”), automatic spreadsheet, etc.)
  • Level 2 – captures and displays the handover of items to staff (eg Citizen XY took / returned Bosh e-screwdriver, Teacher ZC took the math cabinet key, etc.)
  • Level 3 – added functionality for e-wallet checkout at self-service and other paid locations in the organization (copying, coffee, washing machines, canteen, etc.)

The card software is integrated with the institution’s internal accounting and business management systems, both in real time and through Excell or other applications. Interfaces with personnel, supply, sales, CRM and other functions are ensured.