Process control systems for construction and manufacturing companies

In today’s business it is necessary to keep pace with new technologies. This is conditioned by both the need to increase business efficiency and the pressures of the competitive environment. One of the useful innovations in information technology is the automation of business processes, minimizing manual work, increasing management flexibility and reducing the human factor.

For construction and manufacturing companies, we implement business process management systems combining employee and job control and management, materials, inventory, tools and machinery control, accounting and utilization efficiency analysis, supply management, tender management and CRM. The system saves resources and time, helps to efficiently manage and plan processes, and analyze actions taken.

All installed systems are combined into one application that provides detailed usage reports. The program may perform accounting functions or be integrated with the accounting software used or other business management systems. Also, each employee logs into his or her account to see a detailed report of their rights, work schedules, arrival / departure times, inventory used.

Systems can be deployed on a per-enterprise basis, optionally, or all.

Systems are being implemented for construction companies.

  • Access control
  • Workers enter construction sites, premises or grounds only with cards or other means of identification, a register of in / out workers, automated time recording. One system can be used for many different objects.
  • Inventory and material control
  • Tools and machinery, materials or other inventory are accounted for and identified through the use of cards (or other devices) and item identifiers (plastic diskettes, electronic pins, straps, stickers, etc.).
  • Payment of goods and services
  • Cards or other means can be used to pay for various goods and services (at the canteen, when buying from a snack, vending machine or other services). Card accounts may be replenished in advance.
  • Tender and project management, crm
  • Registration of tenders and contracts. Scheduling contacts with customers.
    Project Gantt Planning from project estimates data. Price surveys and supply management from project schedule.
    Materials accounting for projects under supply orders and works execution acts.
    Construction work management – assignment of executors, accounting of completed works, automatic formation of estimates, acts of execution of works.
    Register of documents and enforcement.

The implementation of such systems brings many benefits to the company and pays off quickly

  • Combining estimates, construction management and accounting programs in one system saves human resources and time
  • You will schedule the project more effectively and control execution
  • Automating material price surveys and supply management saves human resources and time
  • Optimize and automate employee time management by automatically filling in time sheets (employees do not waste time filling in themselves, bookkeeping does not waste time in keeping records)
  • Optimize inventory accounting for who, what, and when used an item (employees no longer have to keep logs)
  • Comprehensive inventory usage analysis to make optimal decisions about inventory need and quantity
  • Accounting (balances, orders, payments) for various goods and services (canteen, vending machines, copying, stationery and other small goods, parking, e-content, events) is optimized and automated. No need for cash registers, collection
  • To specific premises, territory, construction sites, etc. only people gain access who have to get there at a specific time fall. No outsiders and who has no right to enter.
  • Job managers automatically see if specific employees have arrived and departed according to their schedules
  • Specific inventory, tools, machinery, materials, and specific data may only be accessed by those authorized to do so (less loss, material liability)
  • Details of the rights granted to each individual, the inventory used
  • There is no risk of theft or other loss of cash for various goods and services
  • A modern company with modern solutions looks more attractive to potential customers

Benefits and value for employees

  • Instead of a variety of different documents (Employee certificate, pass, passcard, payment card, transportation ticket, business card, e-mail signature) – One card or NFC phone
  • All information on work schedules and precise tasks in one place
  • One-stop-shop information on available rights, inventory used, services available, costs
  • No need to carry cash to pay for goods and services during business hours, faster pay-off as you don’t have to count small cash
  • No need to fill in time sheets, sign up for inventory, etc.
  • The job manager immediately sees a list of inbound / outbound workers and can make decisions quickly

Systems are backed by warranty, training, support and service.