NFC technology – a better life for consumers with one touch and inclusive opportunity for business

NFC technology has already changed the lives of millions of people: easier travel, pay for shopping, information sharing, smart sports, entertainment, work and leisure – the possibilities are endless.

Perfectly illustrates the changes in daily life Sony’s short video:

We can easily and conveniently transfer photos, videos, music, and share with friends, colleagues or family:

Even more opportunities with NFC are discovering businesses that matter to happy consumers, which is growing sales and customer loyalty.
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What is NFC, its advantages in security systems and business

We are used to using entrance cards, which open the office door every morning, pay with the same card in the cafe, and with one swipe of the card we bring the tools we need for work or the book in the library. The possibilities are even wider, so it’s time to discuss in more detail what technology is used, what it is special about, how and how it differs from other contactless communication methods and, most importantly, how you can be used in business to create more efficient and fast processes.
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