Inventory control systems

Cabinet Keys Accounting System

The system is designed to record and quickly find out who takes the key . It consists of a computer with an NFC card reader, people have e-cards and RFID key fobs  are attached to the keys.

The man holds his card to the scanner, then the key fobs  , and notes whether the key is being taken or returned.

Anyone who ever took and returned a key is logged on the computer, quickly identifying who did not return the missing key. All columns can be sorted.

Benefits of the system

  • Security
  • Specific inventory and specific data can only be accessed by authorized users (less loss, clear material liability)
  • Details of the rights granted to each individual, the inventory used
  • Saving resources
  • Optimization of inventory (keys, library books, documents, multimedia, mechanisms, etc.), who uses what, when and when (staff and visitors no longer have to fill in magazines)
  • Comprehensive inventory usage analysis to make optimal decisions about inventory need and quantity
  • Convenience
  • Details of the rights granted to each individual, the inventory used
  • Image
  • A modern office with modern solutions and added benefits for employees, visitors and customers alike

Scope of application of the system

  • Educational establishment
  • Keys, data, documents, books, multimedia, inventory of gyms, laboratories and clubs
  • Construction enterprises
  • Keys, data, documents, mechanisms and inventory, materials
  • Business centers and offices
  • Keys, multimedia and other inventory
  • Events
  • Keys, data, multimedia and other inventory
  • Sports clubs
  • Keys, data, sports and other inventory