E-wallet, e-payments

We implement advanced card or other digital billing and merchandise billing systems that save businesses and institutions resources and time, and provide security and convenience to employees and visitors. At the same time, modern solutions improve the image and attractiveness of the company or institution.

Visitors and staff can use their cards, NFC phones or other means to pay for drinks, snacks or other merchandise at vending machines, cafes, canteens, tickets, e-content, for various services (copying, parking, transportation, laundry, etc.) and more. t.

Tools already used for other systems, such as access control cards, may be used.

Card accounts may be replenished in advance.

One system can be used in several different objects, suitable for temporary use, such as events.

All installed systems are combined into one application that provides detailed usage reports. The program may perform accounting functions or be integrated with the accounting software used or other business management systems.

Such systems bring many benefits to companies and institutions and pay off quickly.

  • Systems are deployed on demand: a complete system package or a specific needs-based system.
  • Systems are backed by warranty, training, support and service.

Benefits of the system

  • Security
  • No need to carry cash to pay for goods and services (no risk of losing or losing them), different spending limits can be set
  • There is no risk of theft or other loss of cash for various goods and services
  • In case of lost or lost card, any unauthorized use can be blocked
  • Saving resources
  • Optimization and automation of accounting for various goods and services (balances, orders, payments)
  • No need for cash registers, collection
  • Convenience
  • There is no need to carry cash to pay for goods and services
  • Faster settlement because you don’t have to count small money
  • Possibility to buy only what is set (eg children food in the canteen, not eg sweets or other).
  • Each user can see detailed reports of their purchases
  • Possibility to offer various new additional services: gift vouchers, catering vouchers, discounts
  • Image
  • A modern office with modern solutions and added benefits for employees, visitors and customers alike

Scope of application of the system

  • Educational establishment
  • Paying in the canteen, buying from snacks, vending machines, copying or other services, parking, events, transport and so on.
  • Construction enterprises
  • Business centers and offices
  • Events
  • Paying in the canteen, buying in self-service snack bars, from vending machines, for copying or other services, for parking, for events, for transport and so on. cards may include vouchers for meals or other services.
  • Sports clubs

For construction companies, we implement business process management systems combining employee and job control and management, materials, inventory, tools and machinery control, accounting and utilization efficiency analysis, supply management, tender management and CRM.