Dormitory administration system “e-Dormitory”

Dormitory administration is a labor-intensive and complicated process. This has many problems:

  • Large amounts of information (about rooms and property, occupants, services) and resulting errors in tax calculation
  • Inefficiency caused by incomplete and unclear accounting
  • Difficulty in debt administration
  • Inconsistency with the expectations of the youth (want to manage things clearly and fast)

In order to facilitate the work of the administrators, increase the dormitory income and improve the satisfaction of the residents, we have developed a modern dormitory management system “eDormitory”. It addresses these problems and performs the following main functions:


  • Accommodation for new residents (search for vacancies, data entry, printing of contract lt / en, printing of deposit slip).
  • Rescuing a resident (searching for a resident by name, dormitory, room, printing a bill).
  • Adjustment of accommodation data.
  • Accommodation for short-term residents (guests)

Inventory Accounting

  • Introduction of new inventory
  • Inventory QR code printing, NFC tag programming
  • Inventory search by various parameters (who, what, how much)
  • Short term rent accounting (computer, chess, tennis rackets, indoor keys, etc.)

Calculation of  bills

  • Automated bills calculation (all charges for a specific time period and bill payment are provided via e-mail, in the self-service My Dorm Portal).
  • Bills archive / billing (review of past tax periods, billing to population list or individual).
  • Population estimation (daily population estimation and average population).
  • Short-term population estimation (daily population and average population)
  • Resident settings for a specific dorm and room (deposit, laundry, drying, debt, overpayment).

Integration with external systems:

  • Access to the dormitory (eg blocking access card in case not paid debt), separate rooms (eg only to your kitchen)
  • Accounting for washing machine and dryer use
  • Parking management and accounting (who, where, when can park, rent to residents)
  • Self-service vending machines for copying, drinks and snacks
  • Dining in the canteen
  • Room reservation (for conferences, entertainment, etc.)
  • Event tickets

Payment options:

  • Flexible payment methods:
    • the amounts paid can be included in to the current monthly bill
    • Instant settlement (via e-banking, student e-wallet, cash)
    • free (eg parking or copying staff)
  • Multiple payment channels:
    • Instant payment (via SEB, Swedbank, Danske, Luminor, Citadele, Šiauliai and Medical banks, credit unions, Paysera, MoQ)
    • Automatic cash crediting (via Lithuania Post, Maksima, Pearl terminals, Narvesen newsstands)
    • Manual introduction of payment by other means

Debtor control:

  • automatic email notifications by email, SMS
  • automatic limitation of the services provided
  • preventive measures (eg blocking access to the dormitory)


  • Dorm report (occupied / vacant by floor or dorm, list of occupants in a particular room, room specific information).
  • Room occupancy, availability, room information.
  • Resident search (by name, dormitory, room, resident status).
  • Reviewing the tax archive.
  • Residents self-service portal “My Dormitory” (services provided, invoices made, payments made, payment of the balance online)


The benefits of installing a dormitory management system “eDormitory” are:

  • Automated bills calculation
  • Integrated dormitory infrastructure (passage, laundry, parking, etc.)
  • Transparency of financial activities (‘lost’ funds due to incomplete accounting)
  • Additional income (parking, short term rental of inventory, etc.)
  • Automated debt administration
  • Modern and comfortable for students

Dormitory administration system “e-Dormitory” is already implemented and successfully functions at Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Kaunas Technical College.