People Identifiers (Cards, Key Chains, Watches, Cell Phones with NFC Integrated chip)

Cards can be permanent, personalized, with prepayment:

  • Permanent – An attractive corporate card with your number. It is issued on arrival, used throughout the stay and returned on departure;
  • Personalized – the card can be pre-ordered or made on arrival at a separate charge with the name (photo) of the customer (as a souvenir, discount for the next visit, etc.)
  • Prepayment – a partial (advance) deposit of money to pay for certain services


Areas of use for cards, key fobs, stickers

  1. Access control and accounting
  • Unauthorized persons do not enter
  • Records who, where and when (for lessons, for work (time attendance log, spreadsheet), important facilities (server room, labs), extra-curricular activities).
  • Advance booking of meeting rooms and other facilities

Registered with a stationary scanner at the door or NFC mobile phones.

  1. The „yellow“ buses for pupils

The bus is equipped with a card reader which registers in and out and transmits information to the central computer. Those in charge have information on who, when, where, how many students were transported.

  1. Keys accounting

RFID key fobs  are attached to cabinets, car keys, they are scanned with NFC reader to PC or NFC phone with employee card

  1. Catering
  • payments in canteen, food and beverage vending machines by e-mail; card or phone
  • Staff meals may be paid for by the institution
  1. Copy / Print / Scan

Documents that can be printed by copying and printing equipment can be sent from a computer or phone, and come with an identifiable e-card or phone, payment according to available plans. Scanned documents can be sent to a computer or phone by analogy.

  1. The Library
  • Identification of readers
  • Payment of interest by e-card or phone
  1.  Dormitory administration

Describes resident and room information, bills calculation procedures, automatically calculates monthly charges and bills, send bills and cllect payments. Integrated access control, laundry, parking control and accounting systems.

  1. Laundry machines

The laundry and drying machines are controlled by card controllers, which check whether the user is entitled to use them and what billing system controls the laundry machines themselves. The fee is charged to your monthly invoice or charged immediately. Sales of detergents can also be integrated.

  1. Car parking

The management program is integrated with barriers and allows you to enter for free (staff, guests), charge monthly or pay instantly. Barrier control is available via e-card, mobile phone (SMS, apps), car no. video camera recognition

  1. Event organization

Tickets and reservations for events. Upon arrival, user identification via e-card or phone. Payment during the event by e-wallet.

  1. Asset Accounting

NFC stickers (similar to QR or barcodes) are fixed onto the property , later they are scanned by an NFC phone. This is particularly convenient for movable assets (computers, projectors, etc.) when scanning the device’s NFC tag and employee card. The program records this before the device has been returned to the warehouse or handed over to someone else, it is clear, who manages the device at the given moment.