Business centers

We implement modern card or other digital systems for business centers and other businesses and government agencies that save office resources and time, and provide security and convenience to the visitors. At the same time, modern solutions improve the image and attractiveness of the company or institution.

All installed systems are combined into one application that provides detailed usage reports. The program may perform accounting functions or be integrated with the accounting software used or other business management systems. Also, each employee logs in to their account to see a detailed report of their or the child’s arrival / departure time, attendance, purchases inventory, and can add to the card account.

Such systems bring a lot of benefits to the building administrator, tenants, and employees, and pay off quickly.

  • Systems for each business center or building can be deployed as needed: a complete system suite or a specific needs-based system.
  • Systems are backed by warranty, training, support and service.
Access control and accounting

Employees and visitors enter the premises or area only with cards or other means of identification, and time management is automated.

Parking systems

Cards, keyboards or automatic number scanners ensure parking control and use.

Inventory control and accounting

Keys, document files, multimedia or other inventory are accounted for and identified through the use of cards or other means and item identifiers (plastic floppy disks, electronic nails, straps, stickers, etc.).

Payment for goods and services

Cards or other means can be used to pay for various goods and services (in the canteen, when buying from snacks, vending machines, for copying or other services, for parking, for events, for transport, etc.).

Discount cards and coupons

Cards can offer various discounts, free coupons, or other offers.

Benefits to the building administrator and tenants

  • Security
  • Only those who have the right to enter a specific room / area at a specific time enter. No outsiders and who has no right to enter. Can also be used for individual events
  • Specific inventory and specific data can only be accessed by authorized users (less loss, clear material liability)
  • There is no risk of theft or other loss of cash for various goods and services
  • Saving resources
  • Optimize and automate employee time management by automatically filling in time sheets (employees do not waste time filling in themselves, bookkeeping does not waste time in keeping records)
  • Optimization of inventory (keys, library books, multimedia, etc.), who uses what, when and when (staff no longer have to fill in journals)
  • Comprehensive inventory usage analysis to make optimal decisions about inventory need and quantity
  • Accounting (balances, orders, payments) for various goods and services (canteen, vending machines, copying, stationery and other small goods, parking, e-content, events) is optimized and automated. No need for cash registers, collection
  • Various tools in one place: employee card, access card, parking card, payment card, discount cards (no need to order each separately, make).
  • Convenience
  • Details of the rights granted to each individual, the inventory used.
  • Opportunity to offer employees a variety of new additional services: gift vouchers, meal vouchers, discounts
  • Image
  • A modern office with modern solutions and added benefits for employees, tenants and customers seems more attractive

Benefits and value for employees

  • Convenience
  • Instead of a variety of different documents (employee card, access card, parking card, discount cards, business card, e-signature) – one card or NFC phone
  • No need to carry cash to pay for goods and services at the office, faster settlement as you don’t have to count small cash
  • One-stop-shop information on available rights, inventory used, services available, costs
  • Time saving
  • No need to fill in logs, sign up for inventory, etc.
  • Security
  • Any unauthorized use can be blocked if lost.