NFC technology – a better life for consumers with one touch and inclusive opportunity for business

NFC technology has already changed the lives of millions of people: easier travel, pay for shopping, information sharing, smart sports, entertainment, work and leisure – the possibilities are endless.

Perfectly illustrates the changes in daily life Sony’s short video:

We can easily and conveniently transfer photos, videos, music, and share with friends, colleagues or family:

Even more opportunities with NFC are discovering businesses that matter to happy consumers, which is growing sales and customer loyalty.

McDonald’s uses NFC to create board games

McDonald’s in Singapore has turned dining tables into interactive racetracks. The Happy Table initiative was implemented in partnership with DDB, a global advertising agency. NFC stickers are affixed to the restaurant beneath the tables. By downloading the McParty Run app, users can play racing games on their desk with their NFC smartphones. For this, the NFC tags are programmed to act as parts of a race track, similar to Scalextric tracks. As kids launch the gadget on their smartphones, the tables magically turn into McDonaldLand and their mobile phones turn into fun little cars. Kids can run around the tables and collect burgers, apple pies and fight bad guys like Hamburglar and Captain Crook. Happy Table video

Technology is being used by an increasing number of service businesses

More than 400 booths with NFC tags have promoted KFC hot meals, urging users to light up their phones and get a discount at their nearest KFC restaurant.

NFC technology is indispensable in medicine, nursing and smart health care

Digital tattoo inventor Vivalnk has developed an NFC-based thermometer that sticks to the skin and accurately measures the temperature directly on the smartphone. The ESkin thermometer has an integrated NFC chip along with a sensor that accurately reads body temperature in less than three seconds. The temperature is measured every 10 minutes and stored in the chip memory. It is later scanned by NFC phone.


Hospital of the Future – at home

People usually envision amazing technology and really impressive devices when it comes to future hospitals. But what if most of the medical care could be provided in our own home, in our bathroom, or in our bedroom with portable and various appliances and meters. So let’s see what it will take to make our home a new clinic, a hospital for the future Social services at home are also becoming more accessible through technology

NFC technology applies to a wide range of life situations, from smart bracelets that measure steps, cardiovascular activity, to data transfer to a human phone or directly to a physician, to smart clothes that have found application in sports or extreme conditions, and that’s not the end because we learn about new applications every day.

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