About Acoris

Team leader Albinas Bačiliūnas – engineer of electronics, doctor of technical sciences. In his work, Albinas combines the curiosity and exploration of a scientist with that of an engineering practitioner, so his solutions incorporate the latest scientific discoveries, innovative technologies and practical applications in real life. Albinas and the team have deservedly earned the trust of our clients in their proposed and implemented solutions, as they are focused on delivering results that will benefit a business, institution, training institution, and solve problems right here and now.

From the research, analysis and exploration of the interactions between different technologies to managing a business, a cluster of businesses, and motivating and inspiring people with new ideas, Albinas is closely intertwined with the important activities that are needed today in project implementation.

Continuous improvement is crucial in the technology business, because as a change, as innovation progresses, a participant in this business must not only be interested, but actively participate, test, understand, and constantly apply creatively in specific solutions. Albinas’ liveliness and energy to live in the event center encourages him to participate in a variety of global forums: the US, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Brussels and many high-tech centers around the world.

All knowledge at Albinas-led company turns into innovative business solutions and the products developed are recognized by the international community. The researcher’s passion is also developed, solutions are valued by clients, partners, and the “Multifunctional eService Management System” is patented with fellow KTU scientists and awarded the Innovation Award at the US-China Innovation Forum in Silicon Valley. Albinas Bačiliūnas foto

We often hear that there is a lack of closer collaboration between science and business, but Albinas is one of the rare examples of the effect and value of a person who can combine science, business knowledge and experience in bringing complex solutions to life.

In order to increase the efficiency of business and to be more attractive to customers, digital-based services have become increasingly popular in the world. These tools help companies and institutions save a lot of time and resources, and provide benefits, security and convenience to visitors, staff and customers. At the same time, modern solutions improve the image and attractiveness of the company or institution.

Most commonly used are electronic cards and smartphones, tablets acting as personal identifiers or as e-wallets.

UAB Acoris has formed a team of experienced professionals with many years of experience from business and academic institutions who will evaluate your tools and resources, make suggestions and consult on the optimal system installation, and carry out quality installation work. Installed systems are backed by warranty, training, support and service.